About Us


LYLIF, Inc was created and founded by long-time friends at the start of 2011. It started off with one main belief—that we are all style icons and that fashion is no longer limited to the runways and high prices. What first began as a dream to promote individual style and affordability quickly became a reality for the duo. With hard work and determination, they built LYLIF from the ground up. They had one goal in mind, and that was to fully support the roots of what LYLIF stands for: to love your life in all aspects of fashion.

Scouring and searching for the most fashionable trends, finding the best way to enhance the shopping experience, and working late hours is what helped bring LYLIF to life. Today, we are so happy to be able to provide you a wonderful shopping experience, one that includes great products, affordable prices, and rewards for being loyal customers.

LYLIF was built for the modern-day woman. Who is she? She's someone who knows what she wants, and has her own style and flare, choosing carefully to create each look for every occasion. Her style is sophisticated, trendy, chic, and she exudes confidence effortlessly. No matter where she is going or what she is doing, she is either being inspired, or inspiring others.